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Shafter Research Station Background and History
Shafter Research Station Agricultural research Laboratory Space
Shafter Research Staion  Claifiornia Current Research
Shafter Research Station Experimental Plot Land

Experimental plot land is available for lease to facilitate infield research application experimentation.

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Shafter Research Station
Shafter Research Station Historical Picture

This site is designed to provide the visitor with information on:

  • WHAT The Shafter Research Station is

  • WHO is doing research here

  • HOW to secure space for your research project or program

In times past, one of the best ways to provide growers and other stakeholders with information results of agricultural research was to invite them to travel to the actual location where the research was conducted. It took considerable time and effort, in many instances, to travel the distances necessary.

Today, through the use of electronic media, we can bring the research results directly to you anywhere and anytime.  Our website offers a measure of transparency to the activities of our public-private research platform and encourages your participation in making it even more effective at keeping the information flowing.

Imagination is the highest form of research.


                               -Albert Einstein

I believe in Innovation and that the way you get innovation is 




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Shafter Research Station
Shafter Agricultural Research Station Supporters

AvailableAgricultural Research Facilities

Click here to navigate to the Shafter CIMIS Station info page. In order to access the weather data from the Shafter CIMIS Station you must register as a user for free with CIMIS.

you fund research and you learn the basic facts.

-Bill Gates

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