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Phytogen, breeding program

The J.G. Boswell Company, a world-class cotton producer based in California, founded PhytoGen Cottonseed in 1980. From that day onward, PhytoGen has served as a leader in the emerging field of diversified genetics and high-performance planting seeds.


While J.G. Boswell was developing cotton varieties, Mycogen Seeds, an affiliate of Dow AgroSciences, was aggressively developing its own expertise in germplasm, cotton breeding and seed production. These two companies formed a joint venture in 1998 to offer the cotton industry the best knowledge and expertise of each company.


Extensive biotechnology and breeding programs


PhytoGen also has access to the vast research efforts that Dow AgroSciences puts into insect, disease and herbicide technology, as well as its own cotton breeding stations in Corcoran, Calif., and Leland, Miss. This access has led to the addition of varieties with WideStrike® Insect Protection, an innovative in-plant technology for broad-spectrum pest protection.The latest in herbicide tolerance technology, including Genuity® Roundup Ready® Flex. With our legacy of elite germplasm, high yields, maximum quality and innovative technology, PhytoGen cottonseed has the foundation needed to be a leading choice in the cotton industry.

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